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Better health from him?
good health
Image by Lee Bennett
Somehow, this isn’t the face of someone I’d trust for advice on better health. Sent from my iPhone.

Colourful signboards inform people about good health practices, Jamam camp, South Sudan
good health
Image by Oxfam International
The Oxfam public health team uses colourful signboards placed around the camp to inform people about good health practices. They use graphics and pictures for people who cannot read, as well as messages in Arabic – the language of most of the refugees.

There are no existing clean water sources in the camp, so water has been trucked in from functioning boreholes a few miles away. The water is trucked in and emptied into bladder tanks – Oxfam has built and connected six tapstands throughout the camp so people can collect it.

Fifty refugees have been trained to work within the camp to promote good hygiene practices. The camp is a very crowded place – very different from people’s normal environment – and people are sharing water, with few latrines and soap, so there is a real risk of disease spreading. The trainees use various participatory methods such as games, meetings, and family visits, to spread messages.

Nearly 30,000 refugees from the conflict in Sudan’s Blue Nile region have arrived in Jamam – a village in the remote Upper Nile state of South Sudan – since the start of 2012. Oxfam’s team in South Sudan is providing clean water, public health and sanitation in and around the new camp. With many more people expected to come, Oxfam is scaling up our response.

Oxfam moved staff and supplies in to the area late last year in anticipation that a big influx of people could come as the fighting in Blue Nile intensified. In December Oxfam chartered three planes from Juba (the capital of South Sudan) to bring up staff, food, camping equipment, and equipment such as generators, submersible pumps and water pipes.

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Photo: Alun McDonald/Oxfam, 3 Mar 2012

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