How is Obama going to pay for the so called free health care?

Question by Stom: How is Obama going to pay for the so called free health care?
Are they going to still more money out of social security like they have done in the past to start give away programs, plus fight three little wars,
shouldn’t they be made to put this money back before they ask for more money to give every one so called free health care?
Or will they increase the peoples taxes to pay for the free health cars. and if they get the free health care passed and get it paid for through taxes and the funds start building up, will they still this money to use for other things?

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Answer by bash
A. Good god, man, learn how to spell.

B. Obviously, you haven’t read the bill. He has repeatedly said how it will be paid for. If you don’t want to listen, I can’t help you.
C. No one is suggesting free health care.
D. Why did you NEVER ask how BOTH wars were being paid for, how free, universal health care for all Iraqis and Afghans was being paid for, how tax cuts to the rich were being paid for, how Medicare Part D was being paid for?

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