Unlock Your Holistic Health Lifestyle (Volume 1) Unlock Your Holistic Health Lifestyle (Volume 1) Unlock Your Holistic Health Lifestyle (Volume 1)

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Eating4Eternity: Unlock Your Holistic Health Lifestyle is a practical guide full of explanations of the intricate functioning of our bodies and how they process the nutrients and non-nutrients that we put into them. Written by an experienced nurse and raw-vegan diet advocate, the pages contain an amazing amount of wisdom and knowledge about the workings of our bodies and the many ways that they are affected by our daily health choices.

Throughout the book is the reminder that each person has control of their behaviors; and so many more of these than we want to admit really do contribute to our overall health. Basically, bad eating=bad health – if not now, then down the line. The effects are cumulative, though they can be reversed. We can get a second chance, and of course, it’s best if we choose to take it before we’re hit with horrible ailments that will need ongoing care and treatment.

Besides understandable explanations of health, disease and prevention, this book contains simple tips, realistic suggestions and achievable goals. The meal plan includes recipes that anyone can make.

The author explores the concepts of health accountability and whether every medical professional is suited for the field and knows enough for your needs. She fully believes that competent health professionals should always be willing and able to consider and explore new knowledge. If you’ve ever felt “unheard” by your medical practitioner, in reading this book, you’ll realize that this health expert “hears” and knows and wants to share with you her many years of experience – watching and learning and experiencing alongside her patients. She knows from personal experience, as well as what she’s seen with others, that diet can change every aspect of our beings. She lists all-too-common symptoms and ailments that can be turned around with diet and the other components of health she writes about.

She acknowledges that focusing on health is not always an easy or convenient choice, but she makes the necessary tasks as easy as possible with her tips and suggestions. She shows over and over exactly how putting in the effort to make a new beginning for yourself pays off for the rest of your life, and of course, does become easier and relieves and prevents so many troubles in the long run.

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