What type of business should I start?

Question by Mason Goldberg: What type of business should I start?
Whenever I ask how to become a multi millionaire, people always say to start a company. But what type of company are they talking about? Could someone please give me a few examples of what types of businesses could make a million dollars. Please help me. I’m not sure whether people are saying I should start a small website, or a huge corporation. Or a wealth management firm or investment firm (I have a background in finance). Thanks.

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Answer by Vulcan
You have to use whatever talents you have – if you have a background in finance, then you could try that. There’s a lot of people out there with a few bucks who want to invest it – but they don’t know how – and they don’t want to know too much. They just want somebody to help them invest it and make a little something.

That’s how Bernie Madoff got to scam people for BILLIONS! Really. He just had that “gift of gab” where he could fool people. But let’s say you are legit – and you actually do investing or handle people’s finances or do their books for their companies (as an accountant). If you are a likable and helpful and thoughtful and “accessible” sort of person, you’ll have that million dollars before you know it.

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