How to get a real estate license in Arizona?

Question by Pixie D: How to get a real estate license in Arizona?
I live in Scottsdale Arizona and I applied for a job as a property manager at a property management company. They called me back and told me they would hire me but I need to get a real estate license. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get one, how long it takes and how much it cost. And if you already got yours where did you go did you like the school did you find it easy. Thank you.

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Answer by kemperk
tell you what; I have a license and am an expert in landlord tenant
law. I will tutor you through getting your license.

YOU CANNOT get it before 4 weeks. It is grueling.

I will take your position for you for 1/2 of its salary–till you get
your license. I am in PHX.

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