Wealth in the USA

A few nice wealth inequality images I found:

Wealth in the USA
wealth inequality
Image by LGagnon
I didn’t put this sticker up (honestly!), but I’d like to respond to the guy who wrote "What I earn!" at the bottom of it:

Do you really get what you earn in this country? Does a trash collector deserve to work harder than a movie star yet get paid what the movie star earned, while the movie star gets paid what the trash collector should earn for doing barely any work (and doing little more than what amounts to play)?

Can you justify our government’s avoidance of increasing the minimum wage in a day and age in which the average family needs to take in at least .50 per hour just to survive?

If you think you’ve earned what you get, you must not work too hard. Maybe mumsy and dadsy have pampered you well enough so that you can think inequality doesn’t exist. If so, then yes, you do get what you earn.

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