Inspiration: Peel Golf Club

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Inspiration: Peel Golf Club
golf now
Image by Patrick Haney
All too often I stumble upon a golf-related website that is mostly Flash-based or has been covered in graphics, without regard to white space. Peel Golf Club’s site has restored my faith that a golf course can actually have an attractive (and useful) website. Great use of imagery, spacing, and the fact that both the score card and the rates are on the front page make me a happy golfer. And designer.

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Golf with Steve
golf now
Image by jhave
Playing a very nice course west of Savannah. Can’t remember the name right now 🙂

Golf Ball?
golf now
Image by gibsonsgolfer
It looked like a ball off in the rough, but it was a rather interesting looking mushroom. Now, where is my ball 😉

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