What is your excuse for hating the Lord ?

Question by dearly beloved: What is your excuse for hating the Lord ?
I mean to hate someone, then that someone you hate must have at one time be loved.
Why do you hate him and come up
Come on, I know that you hate many things,
like driving in a traffic snarl,
and murderers etc
but to hate the Lord God?
Is it not humans who do all the destruction and oppression, and just shut God out, and then proclaim that God is not caring for the starving millions?
When God has given us wealth that has been plundered by the super economies.
Why shoot God down?
Man mucked up, not God.

Best answer:

Answer by icarus62
If he existed, he would be responsible for paedophiles.
More than enough reason.
Good thing gods aren’t real.

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