All About Eggs

All About Eggs

All About Eggs

Depending on who you ask eggs (yolks) are either a healthy powerhouse of nutrients or they’re a Satan’s heart attack recipe. Either way they’re delicious, inexpensive, and convenient.

In this book I clear up health myths and facts about eggs and their delicious cholesterol filled yolks, provide a couple recipes, and tell you why you should include them into your regular diet.

It’s becoming more and more well known that consuming cholesterol isn’t the leading cause to high levels of cholesterol. In this book you’ll discover new insights in the medical and athletic world of factors that cause high cholesterol and how your body produces vital hormones (testosterone) through the consumption of cholesterol.

I live an active lifestyle and I continue to eat 2-3 yolks a day with optimal hormone levels and minimal levels of cholesterol. Find out exactly how I do it!


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