Q&A: Who should I talk to first about getting my money back?

Question by rtnesst: Who should I talk to first about getting my money back?
My wife met a guy at a realestate seminar. At one of their “hook up with other investors” sessions she met a guy who seemded credible. He is from Utah -Bob Noxon-case you can look him up- , we are in Wisconsin. He had a house he was going to buy and flip for huge profit but needed a cash partner. After getting a contract written (w/o a lawyer) where he put up some stock as collateral – she wired him the cash ($ 60,000). She was promised 1% per month simple interest and the money back regardless of what happened with the house deal by April 1st. A few weeks ago he said that the house deal did not close because the seller tried to raise the price so my wife told him to send the money back because the deal was then over. She reached him a couple more times since then to get him to send the money back and he said that he would – but no wire transfer yet. Since last Friday we have not been able to reach him – his v-mail is full and he does not answer page’s to his cell or his e-mail.

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Answer by just a girl
get a lawyer like you should have in the first place.

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