Detox With Chelation Therapy – How to Eliminate Heavy Metal Poisons and Revitalize Your Health and Energy Levels

Detox With Chelation Therapy – How to Eliminate Heavy Metal Poisons and Revitalize Your Health and Energy Levels

Detox With Chelation Therapy - How to Eliminate Heavy Metal Poisons and Revitalize Your Health and Energy Levels

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In this day and age, heavy metals are wreaking havoc on our bodies. They’re bombarding us every which way. You probably notice you don’t have the energy and vitality you did when you were a child.

A big reason why is the chronic onslaught of heavy metals your body is absorbing that sit in your tissues and cells and slowly seep out into the bloodstream. These heavy metals basically “slow kill” you.

You won’t die right away from them, but slowly and surely, they’re there doing damage to you. They progressively worsen your health. In the book, Detox with Chelation Therapy, you will discover:

  • How to figure out if you have heavy metals percolating throughout your body and what to do about it
  • How your doctors are destroying your health and making you fat with sneaky heavy metals
  • What you need to do at the dentist to make sure you don’t have to worry about heavy metals piling up in your body, causing health problems
  • Which foods you need to avoid in order to keep heavy metals from overloading and weakening your body
  • The 3 most common heavy metals chelation detoxes out of your body and the  other 17 heavy metals you need to be aware of
  • What you need to know about breathing, sweating, and urination when it comes to detoxing yourself
  • How to multiply the chelation effect with 1 key supplement
  • Why it may be a good idea to leave your mercury fillings alone and not remove them
  • The two ways you chelate and why one is better than the other
  • How a common thermometer you used in your childhood is causing you severe problems due to its mercury
  • Why certain pots and pans you use are wreaking your health
  • How to test to see which heavy metals you have
  • What to expect if you choose chelation through a natural health practitioner 
  • A cheap spice that chelates mercury right out of your body
  • The surprising thing that forms the largest source of mercury poisoning to you
  • How and what probiotics you should use to detox
  • The Apple Cider Vinegar Soak and why it’s a good idea for you to use it 
  • The effect lemons and limes have on detoxing
  • A common low cost supplement that is great for detoxing
  • How to easily eliminate toxins and heavy metals 4 or more times a day
  • The critically important amino acid needed for chelation 

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