Q&A: What are some fad diets that actually work?

Question by Marianna: What are some fad diets that actually work?
I really want to lose about 10-15 pounds in about a month or so. I’ve always wanted to try fad diets and decided that I think this might be the right time to do it so I can lose some belly fat before swimsuit season. Anyone have any diets that they think might work? Of course i’m also going to be exercising but need some tips on what to eat.

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Answer by Ali
The true answer is that there is no such thing as a successful fad diet. The reason being that once you stop the diet, the weight will more than likely come back. I would suggest a low-carb and high protien diet if you want the quick fix, but for you to keep the weight off you’re going to have to consider lifestyle changes in eating habits.

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