The Standard Deviants – Learn Nutrition

The Standard Deviants – Learn Nutrition

The Standard Deviants - Learn Nutrition

Human Nutrition will teach you how to care for your body! Learn about the materials your body needs and what foods are rich in which vitamins and minerals. Topics covered include nutrients, calories, protein, metabolism, and so much more. This DVD is a terrific tool for anyone who cares about their health.This Telly Award winner for Best Educational Video is presented by the Standard Deviants academic team, which includes professors from major universities. Presenting the subject of human nutrition, this video is a useful resource for high school or college students in their academic success. It provides a comprehensive overview of nutrition basics and study techniques, including mnemonics and memory builders (it also comes with quick reference cards). Its humorous, off-beat format encourages confidence and the fun of learning. The Standard Deviants’ Human Nutrition is also the perfect resource for instructors of fitness, health, and nutrition as a supplement to their classroom curriculum. Topics discussed and reviewed include the six basic nutrients and their functions, the RDA, the food guide pyramid, the digestive system, water balance and function, weight control and metabolism, immunity, and disease prevention. The engaging teaching format, in which a complex, challenging subject is broken down into clear, basic, accessible information, is also entertaining. The Standard Deviants staff and comedy writers create 90 minutes of entertainment, from jazz-club musicians to rap singers, presenting “The Nutty, Nougat-Filled World of Human Nutrition.” –Christine Aiken

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