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Spelling Strategies
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Image by Wootang01

Mindless copying of sentences is not fun with handwriting. Nonetheless, to my amazement, it seems as though many primary schools in Hong Kong coerce their students into completing these cognition-effacing exercises.

If the objective of this book is to teach students to write letters, then logically, so long as a student can accurately reproduce each individual letter, there is no point in having them copy bunches of letters – words – within even greater bunches of letters – sentences – complete with capital letters and punctuation; so there must be another reason; and that students at this tender primary age must begin, sooner rather than later, the tedious rote learning process involving mindless copying and pedagogical dubiousness endemic to Hong Kong is my conjecture.

It’s a shame that most Hong Kong primary school students aren’t learning spelling strategies in English lessons – this is a Scholastic Book from the US – and instead are treated to beguiling calligraphy activities which treat English words as though they were Chinese pictograms, this whole-language English literacy approach being the absolute worst way to build a literacy base in a human being!

The transfer and multiplication of financial wealth, amongst the captains of educational publishing and the lieutenants of the education bureau, is not a conspiracy theory but a harmful, if not shameful, truth, a boy’s father told me. He and his son both hate the skull-numbing reproduction of the Roman alphabet whose pedagogical value has yet to be substantiated by anyone!

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