What type of business should I start?

Question by Mason Goldberg: What type of business should I start?
Whenever I ask how to become a multi millionaire, people always say to start a company. But what type of company are they talking about? Could someone please give me a few examples of what types of businesses could make a million dollars. Please help me. I’m not sure whether people are saying I should start a small website, or a huge corporation. Or a wealth management firm or investment firm (I have a background in finance). Thanks.

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The best way to become wealthy is to own your own business. When people suggest that to you they do, I’m sure they don’t have a specific business in mind. To be successful your venture must be in a field that you have a great amount of knowledge about. You should think about what you’d like to do for the rest of your life then decide how to turn it into a business. Of course the services/goods that you offer must be something that people want or need or you’ll never have success. You’ll also have to find a way to set yourself apart from your competitors by offering better products and/or customer service.

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