Q&A: What is our economy based on anyway?

Question by mll1013: What is our economy based on anyway?
In the 21st century, all of our money is measured and transferred in non-valuable, intangible means… paper money, credit cards, corporate stock, wired transfers. Do we really ever see or know the results of our productivity? In a barter/trade-based economy, this seems easier to measure. But today, it just seems like everything is “funny money”.

I know that in part, our economy is based on our productivity… but are we as Americans truly productive? What is productivity anyway, and how is it measured?

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Answer by ASDRU…
all the economies in the world are base on productivity, but the productivity is not given by american workers else by american capital…a technique of production with high productivity is the result of adding of capital, workers only work on it.

productivity is only one way of see development and application of knowledge, which is a more general concept

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