Reizen Compu Mag Magnifier for 15 inch Flat Screen Monitor

Reizen Compu Mag Magnifier for 15 inch Flat Screen Monitor

Reizen Compu Mag Magnifier for 15 inch Flat Screen Monitor

  • Magnifies screen images more than 2x for easy viewing
  • Magnifying filters help reduce eyestrain and fatigue
  • High quality optical Fresnel lens enhances visibility without distortion
  • Bonus benefits Acts as screen protector and privacy shield
  • Also available in 17 and 19 flat screen sizes measured diagonally

This multi-functional tool easily attaches to the front of your flat screen computer monitor and does triple duty as: 1. A 2X screen magnifier that eases strain on your eyes and enhances your enjoyment of the computer as you work or surf the internet. Allows you to spend greater periods of time on the computer without eyestrain. 2. A screen protector that keeps dust, dirt and light away from the screen. 3. A privacy shield that prevents anyone standing off to the side from being able to read your computer screen. Easy to install. No hardware necessary. Simply hang magnifier from the top of your flat screen. Attractive seamless design. Weight: 1.23 lbs. IMPORTANT: Magnifier sizes given are based on the diagonal dimension of the computer screen. Be sure to measure your computer screen diagonally and choose the magnifier size accordingly. Note – Also available in the following sizes: 17 Flat Screen Magnifier (item #04547): Price – .95 19 Flat Screen Magnifier (item #04549): Price – .95 Product dimensions (imperial): 11.75 inch H x 14 inch L x 4.125 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 298.45 mm H x 355.60 mm L x 104.78 mm W

List Price: $ 54.95

Price: $ 49.95

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