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St Peter’s Church, Hinton Road, Bournemouth, Dorset
road to wealth
Image by Alwyn Ladell
The chancel arch (east end of nave): the central figure of Our Lord and the two thieves stand out well despite the wealth of detail all around – spot the snail on the stem of the plant under the skull (a reference to Golgotha = "place of a skull").

The rood fresco was executed by J R Clayton and Alfred Bell (under Street’s direction) in 1873.

Bryerswood (2)10/12 Belle Vue Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset
road to wealth
Image by Alwyn Ladell
Sundial: "The longest day must end"

How much ow’st thou?
by David Wingate, 1828-1892

"How much ow’st thou?"
Is said to each, by the great Lord of earth and heaven;
For all of good we have is only lent, not given.

"How much ow’st thou?"
The children of this world are prudent in their day,
And gather wealth, from which they soon must pass away.

"How much ow’st thou?"
Should’st thou, with hopes beyond the grave a child of light
Less eager strive than they whose only goal is night?

"How much ow’st thou?"
Be here a good and faithful steward, just and wise,
So shalt thou lay up lasting treasure in the skies.

"How much ow’st thou?"
Though poor thy earthly lot, yet seek thou, in His sight,
The blessing of the "inasmuch," or widow’s mite.

"How much ow’st thou?"
The Master’s time is not thine own to waste or spend;
Work while ’tis called to-day: the longest day must end.

"How much ow’st thou ? "
The influence He gives thee, be it great or small,
In thy good Master’s service seek to use it all

"How much ow’st thou?"
Each talent genius, intellect, or gift of thine,
If consecrated, star-like, will the brighter shine.

"How much ow’st thou?"
O’er all thou hast and art, a faithful steward be,
That, when the Lord appears, " well done" may welcome thee!

"How much ow’st thou?"
Some trench on sleep and health to gain an earthly goal:
As earnest be, to lay up treasure for thy soul.

"How much ow’st thou?"
So live, that, when clay dwellings fall, the soul may rise
And soar to everlasting mansions in the skies.

"How much ow’st thou?"
The Lord from heaven, who spake this parable, is He
Who " shall appear" as Judge, who gave His life for thee.

by Frances Anne Kemble (1809–1893)

WHAT though the sun must set, and darkness come,
Shall we turn coldly from the blessèd light,
And o’er the heavens call an earlier gloom,
Because the longest day must end in night?
What though the golden summer flies so fast,
Shall we neglect the rosy wreaths she brings,
Because their blooming sweetness may not last,
And winter comes apace with snowy wings?
What though this world be but the journeying land
Where those who love but meet to part again;
Where, as we clasp in welcome friendship’s hand,
That greeting clasp becomes a parting strain:
’Tis better to be blest for one short hour,
Than never know delight of love or joy,
Friendship, or mirth, or happiness, or power,
And all that Time creates, and must destroy.

The Knole (Freemasons’ Hall), Knole Road (original carriage entrance: 46 Knyveton Road), Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset
road to wealth
Image by Alwyn Ladell
St Hubert’s association with the hunt led to his designation by the Catholic Church as the Patron Saint of furriers and trappers. Now fur was a vital raw material for the family business as hatters and Edmund Christy commissioned this memorial for his new home to honour the Saint who looked after the source of his wealth! Edmund Christy left Bournemouth around 1880 and died in 1902 at Adcote in Shropshire aged 75.

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