Looking for Michigan inland lake to move to. (Eaton, Barry, Calhoun, Kalamazoo Counties – I work in Lansing.)

Question by Suzie: Looking for Michigan inland lake to move to. (Eaton, Barry, Calhoun, Kalamazoo Counties – I work in Lansing.)
Also could be: in the county of Ionia, Jackson, Clinton, Ingham. I would like to move asap, and be within an hour from Lansing & I don’t know the areas (especially the Lakes!) very well. Finding lakefront homes in other counties is hard to do, since my realtor is only able to get properties from the Lansing MLS. (I am also spending a fortune in gas $ to drive out to different areas on the weekends.) Hopefully the lake would be larger compared to smaller. I am hoping for about a 90+ acre lake.

(Even if you are aware of an internet site that has concrete info about all Michigan inland lakes. I have not been able to find anything particular. Even on Google earth, if I see a lake, I have to know the address before I can find out the size or mapquest it to see how far of a drive it is to work.

I work at the new GM plant on the South West corner of Lansing, so anything relatively close to 96 or 69 would be great, although i can take other smaller roads!

thanks in advance

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Answer by metzlaureate
You might try this site: http://www.realtor.com/greaterlansingarea/selectnb.asp?mls=greaterlansingarea&poe=realtor&comm=Other+Areas&st=mi&frm=bycomm&mlsttl=Greater+Lansing+Area&dsid=247&typ=1&typchk1=1&areaid=1076628
I tried a search on it using Lansing as a starting point and then asking it to search outlying areas. It has a decent interactive map you can search from as well and that map has some topographical info (you can see outlines of some lakes and rivers)

You can also try this site, http://realestate-mls.com/
Both give you a lot of choices to use for search bases.

I don’t know if the link will work but I found this searching the 2nd site: http://www.realestate-mls.com/list.cgi/RESIDENTIAL|WATER_ACCESS|Shiawassee:MI
Good luck!

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