I have a Virginia Real Estate License and I want to sell real estate in Florida and other states?

Question by : I have a Virginia Real Estate License and I want to sell real estate in Florida and other states?
Can I co-list the property with a Florida real estate agent and partner up with the Florida agent when I need to sell [property in that state and get at leat 30% of the agents commission?

Also in every state I want to sell can I just partner up with an agent in that state so I can aviod licensing fees?

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Answer by loanmasterone
If you are gonna do this make sure you get a written contract to the effect of the shared commission. There are some good real estate agents that would work well with you and your clients.

You might partner with any agent or agents you must be sure that the real estate agents are trustworthy and professional.

I tried that with 3 different real estate agents from 3 different states, we had a written contract stating the commission would be split between their office and my office.

Well after the transaction was completed in all three instances I was told that I could only get a referral fee as I was not licensed in the state in which the sale occurred. Explaining about the signed contracts went to deaf ears.

In order to get my commission as agreed on the contract that all had signed I had to go through small claims court and sue the real estate agents.

If you wish to sell real estate in another state you would have to be licensed in that state. Some states might have a residence requirement, so make sure that you don’t have to live in the state to obtain a real estate license.

I hope that this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


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