The Urban Hermit

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The Urban Hermit
rapid weight loss diets
Image by Earthworm
Judging a book by its cover can lead to a good read. The tuna can made me think of an apocalyptic scenario, but it’s actually a story about a very fat man who comes to terms with his creditors and decides to go on a crash diet with his spending by eating only 800 calories a day consisting of lentils with rice and tuna sandwiches. In the process he transforms from unapologetic bar fly to a responsible man with a mission and a future as a journalist. In American culture, we love tranformative personal journeys especially if it involves rapid weight loss, so it’s a page turner. His staccato style moves the tale along at a good clip and his self-depracating perspective makes him an enjoyable, no frills narrator. Details of the unapologetic, slacker bar fly part had me going.

rapid weight loss diets
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September 8, 2009 – I’m only going to take one at a time of course, not at the same time. I’ve had some success with Lean System 7 before. The only two pills are new to me. I’m starting with the Lipo 6.

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