Running SUCKS! How to Run for Fast Weight Loss – For Busy Women Who HATE Running

Running SUCKS! How to Run for Fast Weight Loss – For Busy Women Who HATE Running

Running SUCKS! How to Run for Fast Weight Loss - For Busy Women Who HATE Running

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If you want to lose at least one clothing size and up to 5 pounds in the next 2 weeks using simple running techniques that take LESS than 5 minutes of running per day… then this book by Jennifer Jolan will show you how.

The book is called: “Running SUCKS! How to Run for Fast Weight Loss – For Busy Women Who HATE Running.”

And it’s perfect for busy women who want to lose weight fast, but who hate running and consider it a “necessary evil.”

Here are some of the secrets you’ll learn inside:

  • No grueling long distance jogging (jogging and long runs are forbidden!)
  • No special equipment is needed (you can do them from home if you want).
  • How to burn fat… while you’re resting! (Not 1 in 1000 “fitness experts” knows the secret science behind this trick-but YOU will, and it’ll help you burn fat at nearly twice the rate you would normally.)
  • How to breathe during running so you automatically burn more fat and gain more energy at the same time. (Believe it or not, ancient medieval Samurai soldiers did this, and it’s why they were always in such great shape!)
  • A little-known way to lose weight while standing almost completely still! (Nothing to do with running, but it’s included as a nice bonus tip anyway.)
  • A special way of walking for just 20 minutes per day that can burn
    5 pounds of pure fat off your body in just 2 weeks or less.
    (The good news is, this is easy… The bad news is, it takes 20 minutes per day to work.)
  • Why you should never jog if you want to safely lose fat and have a sexy body that’s the envy of your friends. (There’s a reason joggers have “stringy,” sickly looking bodies and unattractive breasts – it’s actually the same reason why running author Jim Fixx died of heart disease. Here’s a much easier and safer way to run instead.)
  • How certain professional athletes get into top shape after letting their bodies go during the off-season. (This is how some of the more undisciplined athletes who get fat during the off-season are able to go from pudgy to slim in time for the season.)
  • How to use 2-3 minute TV commercials to turn your body into a fat burning machine! (Best part: This works for almost ANY type of exercise – including biking stairstepper, elliptical, etc.).
  • And much more!

This book is not meant for hardcore runners or people who enjoy running.

It’s designed for women who hate running and are short on time, but who know how powerful running is for getting into shape and losing weight.


1. 15-Second Diet Tricks: Turn Bad Meals into “Weight Loss” Meals Instantly!
2. 15 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss
3. Common Weight Loss Myths That Are Keeping You Fat, Tired, and Miserable
4. Diet & Weight Loss Destroyers
5. How to Get 20-20 Vision Naturally in Just 5 Minutes a Day

10 Additional FREE Bonus Reports at a Special Link on the Last Page of the Kindle File:

1.     How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle like Kids
2.     The 20-Second Bathroom Trick for a Super-Charged Metabolism and a Flood of Energy
3.     One Tablespoon of this Supplement Detoxes 900 Yards of Toxins from Your Body
4.     Do-It-Yourself Face-Lift: How to Look 5 Years Younger in 2 Weeks – Got 5 Minutes a Day?
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6.     #1 Cheap Supplement that Reverses Gray Hair & Infuses Health into Your Body
7.     How to Get Rid of Allergies in 90 Seconds with Water
8.     The Ultimate 3-Second Fountain of Youth “Neural” Fat Loss Exercise
9.     The 15-Second “T-Tap” for Overcoming Hypothyroidism & Sluggish Energy
10.   How to Make Healthy Ice Cream in 2 Minutes and Other Sweet Surprises!

List Price: $ 2.99

Price: $ 2.99

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