How to choose health products that efficient and affordable?

Question by F.Will: How to choose health products that efficient and affordable?
i’ve been joining a health product association more than 3 years already but i only ate a few quantity of product because i find it very expensive but somehow i can feel the effectiveness of the there any product out there which is effective, affordable, organic,wholesome &etc. or can we buy the herbs ourself and boil the herbs before that also effective compare to prepared in pill or other form found in market.actually i know money cannot buy health but if we spend to much on health product that eventually distubing other aspects of our life than it would be meaningless as well, is it. so i want to find economical way to take care of my family health.

maybe some of you would say eat less cholesterol, exercise more ,eat less junk food , eat more fiber or vegetables, sleep well and do not stress too much but nowadays those mentioned ways only partly worked we still need other kind of supplements to take care of our complex body.

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You can try the original herbal weigh loss product.
Dali Lida bad.Super hot in ebay.

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