Hitchcock’s Definition of Happiness

Alfred Hitchcock defines his idea of happiness. These are words that I live by. “A clear horizon, nothing to worry about on your plate. Only things that are creative and not destructive. That’s within yourself, within me I can’t bear quarreling I can’t bare feelings between people. I think hatred is wasted energy. It’s all nonproductive. I’m very sensitive. A sharp word said by say a person who has a temper if they’re close to me hurts me for days. I know we’re only human, we do go in for these various emotions, call them negative emotions, but when all these are removed and you can look forward and the road is clear ahead and now you’re going to create something. I think that’s as happy as I would ever want to be.”
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Skiindeep Productions - Define Happiness Trailer (HD)

************WORLD PREMIERE @ OSLO, NO OCTOBER 6TH********** Following a group of Norwegians in the pursuit of happiness in the form of skiing and outdoor activities. Travelling around the world from deep powder in Canada, the peaks in northern Norway, the beautiful sea to summit on the west coast of Norway and happy summer skiing in Stryn. For more info: www.skiindeep.com www.facebook.com/SkiindeepProductions Song: J Sigsworth – Arctica soundcloud.com Producer: Øyvind Kjøs
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