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How to Become Smarter

How to Become Smarter

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This text describes techniques for improving mental abilities. Some of the things
it can help you to achieve include the following:

  • Depending on circumstances, use different lifestyles that improve one or
    another mental function.
  • Experience euphoria without drugs and come up with new ideas, when
  • Slow down and prevent yourself from making rash, impulsive decisions,
    when necessary.
  • Sharpen your wit, become more talkative, and entertain people.
  • When necessary, lower your mood and increase emotional tension, which
    can reduce procrastination.
  • Increase your score on intelligence or general aptitude tests.
  • Concentrate on reading and writing for many hours daily.
  • Increase your grade point average if you are a student or improve your job
    productivity if you are a knowledge worker.

The proposed methods are brief cooling or heating of the body (water therapy)
and three different “smart diets,” each suitable for a different type of task.
Despite its technical content, the book is written in an accessible language and
has an informative summary for each chapter and a list of key points at the end
of each section. The book supports most of the claims in the bulleted list above
with a theory and the author’s personal experience (a healthy subject). Previously
published scientific studies directly support about a half of these claims, including
the claim about intelligence tests.

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Price: $ 0.99

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