Q&A: What jobs can you have with a finance and MBA degree?

Question by Irina: What jobs can you have with a finance and MBA degree?
What are my options with a finance(undergrad) and MBA degree (entry level)? I am not a sales kind of person. Hedge fund associate would be ideal, I enjoy research and analysis but have no formal experience.
Koury, I got both, but having trouble getting a job, I figured it is due to lack of experience. Then I thought may be i’m shooting too high, and wondering what a person in my situation should expect. But it seems if I look at lower positions (payroll clerk, various admin jobs)- High School diploma is the only educational requirement and I think I can do better. I seem to be either underexperienced or overqualified.

Best answer:

Answer by Brian
Here are some of your career options:
Finance Manager
Business Analyst, Finance/Banking
Finance Director
Vice President (VP), Finance
Finance & Administration Manager
Vice President (VP) Finance & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Senior Finance Manager
Finance Analyst
Assistant Finance Manager
Finance Assistant
Finance Officer
Director of Finance & Administration
Senior Analyst, Finance
Finance Administrator
Finance Associate

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