Mosby’s Nutritrac Nutrition Analysis Software, Version IV (Revised Edition), 4e

Mosby’s Nutritrac Nutrition Analysis Software, Version IV (Revised Edition), 4e

Mosby's Nutritrac Nutrition Analysis Software, Version IV (Revised Edition), 4e

An innovative CD-ROM program, Nutritrac IV, Revised Edition, takes the guesswork out of calculating and analyzing food intake and energy expenditure. This nutrition software calculates energy expenditure based on activity level and caloric intake and generates nutrient reports and easy-to-read pie charts that detail sources of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. This program even analyzes a diet’s compliance with Dietary Reference Intakes, Recommended Nutrient Intakes, and the Food Guide Pyramid. The Personal Profile section allows the user to enter and edit an unlimited number of profiles – allowing the user to monitor and manage the overall nutrition of multiple clients or the entire family. Nutritrac is ideal for both professional and personal use, with more than 150 activities and approximately 5,000 foods included!

. An expansive food database contains approximately 5,000 foods in 18 different categories: Baby Food, Baked Goods, Beverages, Breads/Grains and Pasta, Breakfast Foods/Cereals, Dairy and Eggs, Fats and Oils, Fruits and Vegetables, Meats and Beans, Nuts and Seeds, Frozen Entrees and Packaged Foods, Restaurant Chains-Fast Foods, Restaurant Chains-Other, Seafood and Fish, Snacks and Sweets, Soups, Supplements, and Toppings and Sauces. . A complete listing of more than 150 activities – daily/common, sporting, recreational, and occupational – is included in the Detailed Energy Expenditure section. . The Personal Profile section allows users to enter and edit an unlimited number of patients or clients for whom nutrition and activity may be assessed and analyzed and to calculate each person’s body mass index (BMI). . The Analysis Tools section includes: (1) an Intake Record section in which the user may enter food intake by meal for multiple days or weeks; (2) a Detailed Energy Expenditure section used to record a variety of activities; and (3) a Weight Management Planner section that uses the information from an individual’s profile, food intake, and energy output to customize weight-loss or weight-gain goals based on caloric intake, energy expenditure, or a balance of the two. . The Exploring Foods/Nutrients section provides detailed nutritional information on each food in the database and also includes a feature called Nutritrac Top 20 that ranks the top 20 foods in the database for any selected nutrient. . Colorful and easy-to-read graphics include pie charts for caloric and fat-source breakdown, bar graphs that visually represent a diet’s compliance with DRI/RNI recommendations, and the familiar USDA Food Guide Pyramid with customized information comparing any individual diet with the pyramid. . Any of the various tools can be used to analyze a person’s diet by individual foods or entire meals, days, or weeks. In addition, users may even create monthly meal plans for patients or clients. . The program presents detailed nutritional information in a variety of ways and automatically adjusts all analyses for age, height, and weight based on the information the user enters in the Personal Profile section.

. Save feature provides you with additional mobility. . Optimization and functionality gives you the flexibility to skip meals and enter scores of data at one time without slowing you down. . Take your reports with you wherever you go – just point, click, and print! . Find the foods you want be searching within a specific food category. . The food database includes nearly 2,000 new and updated foods, such as new fast foods and convenience items, foods from the dietary patterns of various cultures, and diet-related items for individuals on lifestyle plans such as the Atkins diet or Weight Watchers. . Listed activities include more options geared toward children and adolescents, plus new trends in physical activity for adults, such as Pilates, yoga, elliptical trainers, spinning, and Tae-Bo. . A new ideal body weight (IBW) calculator helps individuals manage their weight-loss goals realistically, using medically recommended weights as guidelines. . The complete Exchange Lists for Meal Planning is useful in creating meal plans for diabetic patients or clients. . The most recent DRIs for macronutrients (energy, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, fatty acids, cholesterol, protein, and amino acids) and water and electrolytes (potassium, sodium, chloride, and sulfate) are incorporated throughout to allow users to analyze their nutrient intakes against recommended intakes.

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