Flickr Gift #13: Shackman Multishot 102 with Polaroid Back, from [brett walker]

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Flickr Gift #13: Shackman Multishot 102 with Polaroid Back, from [brett walker]
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Image by Arty Smokes (deaf mute)
Brett Walker has an incredible collection of cameras, some of which are displayed on shelves, others of which are gathering dust in a kitchen cupboard. He’s always lending them to students or giving them away to reduce the clutter in his life. (He’s a very generous person, I found). When he learned I had an interest in Polaroids he said "I’ve got some SX-70s you can have."
He put three on the worktop and said I could do with them what I wanted, including selling them! Since I’ve already got an SX-70 from Mad Jeff, I turned down the offer. Other cameras I saw were absolute beauties – 5x4s with amazing lenses and custom trim (costing in the region of 00), and a weird prototype 8-lens action sampler designed for Polaroid executives to check out their golf swings! – but they were generally too heavy to lug around. Brett’s collection also includes a Canon 7 with the brightest lens I’ve ever seen; an f/0.95, which may be the fastest lens ever made.
I was most taken by this Shackman Polaroid, however. It has two lenses enabling "stereoscopic" instant photography, but what I intend to use it for is getting two images on each piece of film I put in it. By covering one lens at a time, you can take a photo of someone’s face and then a full length shot, or juxtapose complete separate subjects, photographed months apart.
Since it uses Fuji FP-100C film, the Shackman is far from obsolete despite its obvious age. I can’t wait to use it.

Basic specs:
Twin lenses with aperture range f/11-64.
Recommended focus distance: 43 inches (1.1m).
Mechanical shutter. Speed is fixed at what looks like 1/125s or 1/60s.
Socket for sync flash, with two cold shoes.
Tripod socket.
Requires standard cable release.
No batteries required.

Thanks very much Brett!


On camerapedia.

Quonset Hut
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Image by be OH be
This establishment, under different ownerships, has been a Canton retail landmark for a little over 30 years. It’s core business used to be selling music but it’s almost always been something of a midwestern head shop. The entire basement is now full of smoking accessories. Upstairs they sell skateboards, jewlery, t-shirts, disc golf supplies, noverlty greeting cards, incense, posters, dart supplies, and various other quasi-hippie bric-a-brac. In high school I bought a fair amount of albums and cassettes here.