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What Is Net Neutrality and How It Can Affect Your Business

The subject of net neutrality has been the topic of many discussions on the U.S. forums and discussion boards since long now. To first understand why many businesses are so upset about the subject, you have to understand what net neutrality is. What is net neutrality? According to an article …

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Net Neutrality and the Carrier Hotel

Carrier hotels and large data centers offer the telecom and network industry convenient locations to interconnect with other telecom companies at a physical level, in a neutral facility offering high density of available carriers. As telecommunications worldwide continues movement towards packet networks and services, Internet protocol exchanges and interconnection points …

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The net neutrality fight is now about data collection News]

The net neutrality fight is now about data collection AOL has the ad technology to make money from that data, and Verizon was willing to pay billions for it. But if the FCC decides to take a strict view of … Google has turned online ad targeting into a half-a-trillion-dollar …

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