Internet Promotion Secrets – Learn the Exact Ad Sources I Use to Get 400+ Visitors Per Day

What’s the fastest way to get red-hot laser-targeted traffic to your site and generate 400+ visitors per day? (That’s 12000 visitors per month, by the way) Here are the exact ad sources I use on a daily basis to build a 5-figure strong mailing list and a high 4-figure income per month:

1. Article Directories

I use article directories daily to get traffic. Although writing articles can get a little boring, it does work in generating visitors. You may want to outsource your article writing to put the strategy on autopilot.

2. Google AdWords

Using Google AdWords to generate leads is a proven method. You can be literally be up and running in a few hours and getting traffic. Just watch your costs and always track your ad performance.

3. List Joe

List Joe is a one-of-a-kind list building network. Not only can you mail out to 3000 random members every 3 days if you sign up for the pro account, you can also promote up to 15 other list building networks all at once and build your downlines.

4. Get Subscribers

Get Subscribers is a co-registration program created by the autoresponder company Get Response. It’s a real quick way to generate leads on complete autopilot. The trick is to buy several packages to speed up your lead generation.

5. Forums

In the Internet marketing niche, I visit forums like the Warrior forum and post good stuff on there to generate traffic. In your niche, find specific high trafficked forums and create an attractive signature file and start posting good content and building rapport with other forum members.

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