Laura Soybeans, Newest Crop and Non-GMO – Directly from The Chambers Family Farm in Iowa. Makes Best Soy Milk, Tofu, or Tempeh.

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chambers familychambers family

5 generations of expertise

SoyaJoy Laura soybeans are the best soybean for home cooking. Sourced from the Chambers family farm of Iowa, which has been farming for over 100 years and exporting soybeans to Japanese tofu shops since 1987, our Laura soybeans promise optimum nutrition and taste. Our beans are packed in a light-proof, moisture-proof, airtight black foil bag to maintain absolute freshness.

Luscious bowl of soybeansLuscious bowl of soybeans

Laura Soybeans

Our Laura soybeans are new-crop (under a year since harvest), non-GMO soybeans sourced straight from the Chambers family farm. Laura soybeans are the ideal soybean for making delicious fresh soy milk and tofu.

100 years of tradition

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Planting in the spring

The only soybean that is packaged at and shipped from a US farm known for its quality for generations.

Hand-packing every bag

No machines or fancy equipment just an accurate scale, a scoop and resealable bags.

5 lb. net weight. Identity Preserved, Non-GMO soybeans directly from the Chambers family farm in Iowa
Best soybean for making Soy Milk, Tofu, and Tempeh. Exported to tofu shops in Japan since 1987
Newest crop, for the best nutrition and taste
Packed in moisture and light proof, airtight black foil for top freshness
Perfect for homemade soymilk made with any soymilk maker, such as the SoyaJoy G4