Nattokinase Supplement. Non-GMO Natto Extract Enzyme. 100 mg, 2000 FUs. 60 Veggie Caps (60-Day Supply)

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1,000 Years of Tradition: Nattokinase is a natural enzyme derived from a traditional Japanese fermented soybean dish known as natto, commonly eaten as part of a balanced breakfast.
EXTRACTED FROM NON-GMO FERMENTED SOY: Our enzyme is produced by adding the bacterium Bacillus subtilis to organic, non-genetically modified boiled soybeans for a purer form of Nattokinase. Each capsule contains 100mg, 2000 FU (Fibrinolytic Units) of Nattokinase.
FREE OF VITAMIN K2: Our natural blood thinner supplement is free of Vitamin K2 – beneficial if you are looking to promote normal circulation and blood clotting mechanism*. Supports healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range*.
DELAYED RELEASE WITH DRcaps CAPSULES: Perfect for oral chelation therapy, our capsules are free from phthalates and plasticizers found in enteric coated capsules. The delayed release protects the enzyme from damaging stomach acids, allowing the Nattokinase enzyme time to be fully absorbed within your small intestine.
SAFE & ALLERGEN FRIENDLY: Non-GMO, gluten free, nut-free, dairy-free and 100% vegetarian. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you aren’t completely satisfied.