Kardovite 180 Capsules. Supports Circulation & Healthy Cardiovascular Function. Supplement to Maintain Already Normal Blood Pressure, Clean Arteries & Strong Blood Vessels. By Pharmacist Sam Ibrahim.

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Kardovite – the Botanical Solution to Improved Circulation.

As part of his pharmacist training in Germany, Sam Ibrahim spent 5 years studying herbal medicine. As a diabetic himself, he well understood the European focus on good circulation.
Healthy circulation is often ignored in North America where we tend to think more about cardiac issues such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Sam developed Kardovite to address those issues as well as problems with blood circulation. Because as Sam likes to say “Circulation is everything.”

Kardovite’s blend of 7 powerful herbal extracts work in together to improve circulation and cardiac function:
1) Hawthorn strengthens the heart muscle leading to increased cardiac output.
2) Garlic regulates the viscosity of the blood, allowing it to flow more freely.
3) Cayenne dilates the major blood vessels, allowing more blood through them.
4) Bilberry strengthens the small blood vessels found in the eyes and kidneys, enhancing micro-circulation.
5) Valerian reduces the “flight or fight” response, a long-term cause of heart and blood vessel damage.
6) Milk Thistle supports the liver in processing more toxins out of our system, a happy by-product of improved blood flow.
7) Ginkgo Biloba activates the beta receptors which dilates peripheral blood vessels for improved blood flow.

Signs of Good Circulation: Healthy Skin, Infection Resistance, Clearer Thinking, Lower Blood Pressure, Less Shortness of Breath, and Improved Stamina. Signs of Poor Circulation: Varicose Veins, Vertigo, Cold Extremities, Swelling, Slower Healing, and Fatigue.
INCREASES OXYGEN AND BLOOD FLOW TO THE HEART AND BRAIN: promotes cell growth and organ function while supporting the immune system.
IMPROVED CIRCULATION: reduces cardiac risk; results in higher energy; improves mental acuity and ability to handle stress; warms hands and feet; helps the body to recover faster after exercise; leads to healthier skin.
SUPPORTS HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE: Improved circulation supports healthy blood pressure already in the normal range.
NOT ALL HERBAL EXTRACTS ARE EQUAL: Our formula is based on clinical research, meaning we use the best part of the plant grown in the most suitable region of the world. For example, research supports our use of the leaves and flowers from the European Hawthorn plant. We also test each batch for the potency of all active ingredients.