Prometa Clinics – Drug Treatment Centers

PROMETA Clinics chemical dependence treatment differs from traditional drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers by focusing on the biology of drug and alcohol addiction, through a proprietary course of treatment.

The Clinics will treat the following dependencies:

Treatments for Alcohol for alcohol dependence

Treatments for Methamphetamine and Cocaine

Medical substance abuse research has shown that alcoholism and drug addiction are both biology based sicknesses associated with specific chemical changes which take place within the brain. These chemical changes which occur in the brain may quite possibly play a significant part in the physiological symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction, such as cravings and withdrawal.

How are Treatments administered?

Prometa treatments, which must take place at authorized Prometa Clinics, are totally comprehensive, patient focused treatments which have been fine tuned to reduce the exact chemical changes within the brain that occur as a result of methamphetamine, alcohol, or cocaine dependence.

The Prometa Clinics can generally treat patients in a comfortable outpatient setting requiring as little as two to four visits. The patients shall then follow these clinic treatments up with a specific period of medical counseling by a licensed physician along with a specific course of prescribed medication.

Prometa Addiction Treatment – 3 Phases

* CLINICAL PHASE- Medically supervised prescription treatment combined with nutritional supplements as needed

* FOLLOW UP PHASE – patient specific treatment with nutritional supplements prescribed medications

* COUNSELING PHASE – physician supervised counseling in an individual or group setting.


PROMETA Clinics are located in several states, including the following, Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Utah, Washington

The goal of the Prometa treatment is to eliminate substance and chemical dependency from our patients lives.

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