How to Get More Web Site Traffic Using 3 Free Techniques

Have you been search for year for a way to drive more web site traffic. I will show you just 3 techniques you can apply in order to get more web site traffic. You don’t have to buy any software in order to gain traffic. You don’t even need to become an expert marketer and Guess what, these techniques are Guaranteed and FREE.

These techniques are effective and free to start. Below are the FREE techniques.

# Article Writing

Article writing has always been effective and a powerful marketing tool. When you ask a lot of internet entrepreneurs on what helps them to become more successful, you’ll discover that article marketing has a role to play. This is how it works; you write quality articles about your niche topic, submit it online and include an author resource box. The resource box is the most important part of your article because it can help you drive more web site traffic easily.

# Blog Commenting

There are several blogs in your niche that have a high page rank on Google and other search engines. You have to locate them by conducting a search online. Whenever you get one that is active, comment on the posts made by the author. To make this effective, write rich contents, add your contributions to what has already been written, or ask an expert question. Doing this, the blog readers will see you as an expert and click on your link.

# Video Creation

Have you ever visited YouTube? You will discover that most of the newly uploaded clips are already receiving thousands of views. This is one reason why intelligent marketers use videos to drive more web site traffic instantly. You also have to understand that people believe more on what they can see more than what they can read. It is simple as creating a video about your product, upload it to free video sites like YouTube, Google videos etc… Make sure you include your website link so that viewers can click through to your site.

# Helpful Bonus:

Do you know you can also use press release to drive more Web Site Traffic? What it means is that you write a release about your products and services and submit them to media directories. If your release is great, the press can republish it on several magazines across the web, giving you free targeted traffic and back links.

Source by Christian Ugo Ezeani

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