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5 Methods to Pump Huge Traffic

One of the biggest challenges in Internet Marketing is to get enough traffic to visit your squeeze page and your websites. You need to have targeted customers who are interested in your product before you can sell anything to them.  

Here are my top 5 traffic pumping methods that have worked wonder for me:

(1) Google AdWords is a fast way to get instant traffic. You can target the names of famous brand or famous people and divert their traffic to your landing page. However, you need to spend a bit of money to get the traffic but this is very effective, and you need to calculate whether you can recoup the investment made in Google Adwords. 

(2) SEO or search engine optimization.
This is a ‘free version’ of Adwords but the process is a bit slow. It does not cost any money to get your websites ranked. However, you will need to spend substantial amount of money on ‘SEO work’ for getting your website ranked at the first, second and third page of the search engine.

(3) Joining a giveaway event is the fastest way.
There are many giveaway events throughout the year. You can subscribe to lots of newsletters of fellow internet marketers and you will start receiving invitation to contribute gifts to the giveaway event. Alternatively, you can also find those events through Google search for the keyword ‘Giveaway Event’. One thing to note is to check whether there is any minimum list size requirement of the giveaway event. It is better to join the giveaway event without the minimum list size imposed. 

(4) Article marketing isanother good method to get long term traffic because the articles you have submitted will stay there for people to read as long as you want. The key success factor is you have to be Focus, Consistent & Persistent to keep on submitting good articles to get consistent results. 

(5) Adswap 

You can start to cross promote other fellow internet marketers landing page once you have a list. Both your list and your partners’ list will grow very fast if you are doing the Adswap frequently. 

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Kenny Loh is a Singaporean Internet Marketer. He uses Internet Marketing to achieve his financial freedom. He can help you to develop a huge email list, drive traffic and achieve high sales conversion. To find out more how he managed to do that, visit http://www.im2financialfreedom.com

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