How the Environment Can Affect Mental Health

The environment has really a big role in our mental health. Very often we do not think about, we do not even consider it. But it is the truth.

In fact, sometimes it is the environment that does not allow us to sleep properly. The environment is a large term. It includes many aspects of your life. Just think of where you live. It is a noisy area? Is it, on the contrary, a tranquil area?

How is the air you breathe? Do you always feel calm? Is there any green grass around? Some trees? Or can you not see any green, any nature?

How is your home? Do you feel well in it? Are you happy? Environment means all sorts of things. It is the outside but it is also the inside of a home, of a workplace,

If your home is in a residential area with a lot of green around, you may feel much better than when you go to town. If your home is sober, you will not be affected by a day in town. After having been under the stressing factors, you know that you can go home and relax.

If your workplace is in a noisy area or if the people you work with, are nervous, you may be affected by them.

If you know that your health may be affected by your environment, you will pay close attention to all stressing factors. You will try to avoid them whenever this is possible.

If you work in an area with polluted air, you will try to go for a walk in a park, along a flowing water or along a lake. Walking in a park gives you the possibility to breathe fresh air, and therefore regenerate your breath and “cleanse” your lungs. If your lungs are cleansed, your mental health is also much better because your thinking capacity is enhanced. Your mood is better.

You will soon get aware that the environment not only affects mental health and anxiety but it also affects the body.

On the other hand, this means that our physical and our mental health go hand in hand They are strongly connected.

I think it is well worth to consider the various aspects of the environment and its influences on our Selves.

Try to sense the influence of the environment on your mental health. Try to understand why you do not feel well, why you have got a headache or you feel dizzy. If you get aware that the environment is “attacking” you, the best weapon against it is moving out at least for part of the day. If this is not possible, move out of dangerous environments at least in your free time.

On the other hand, if you feel that your environment is favorable to your mental health and to your calmness, be thankful and try to stay there as much as you can.

Source by Elisabetta Reist

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