Othophobia Strikes 100 Mental "Health" Practitioners Out of 100

A new dreaded mental illness is now claiming 100% of the mental “health” profession as victims, according to health researcher Hank Scott.

Orthophobia is the fear of those who are correct, straight, upright, and above all healthy.

Orthophobia manifests itself in the symptoms of declaring everyone who eats only healthy foods — avoiding artificial chemicals, preservatives, additives, pesticides, colorings, flavorings and the like — of a faux mental illness labeled “orthorexia nervosa” (being concerned over what is right, good or healthy)!

This dreaded new contagion, Orthophobia, is running rampant today, as more lunatics than ever are awarded mental “health” practitioner decrees, and attempt to drug everyone and everything in sight they declare “abnormal” (not dumbed down, docile or easily duped)!

These mental “health” (a term flagrantly misapplied as a form of Orwell-speak — by sufferers of Orthophobia — to themselves) lunatics are now running the asylum of modern society literally into the ground, starting with children all the way up to the elderly, and everyone in between.

No truly normal activity — like self-preservation in the onslaught of a manufactured and fast “food” oligarchy’s incessant and irresponsible subversion of everything normal and natural, healthy and delicious — is safe from the scurrilous attacks of those stricken with this dreaded, highly contagious illness.

Akin to megalomania, psychiatric Munchausen erectus syndrome (repeated fabrication of alleged mental illness in otherwise normal, healthy people), with a touch of paranoia thrown in, Orthophobics also apparently suffer from chemical food additive and adulterant dependence and hypopressreleasisis (an unnatural seeking, fawning over, and wooing of mistaken and misdirected publicity).

The symptoms are unmistakable, including the “I’m the doctor!” psychosis, accompanied with hypodermic syringes dripping psychotropic (mind altering) drugs, in hands itching to inject said poisons into the objects of their psychotic delusions.

Orthophobics should be considered armed and dangerous, antisocial and an immediate threat to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Should you run afoul of an Orthophobia sufferer in their own territory (nests designed to appear like medical clinics, hospitals, or in court rooms as “expert” witnesses for some equally lunatic judge or court) if you can, run and do not walk, hesitate or delay for even a moment, for the nearest exit, city and county limits, and border.

Once aroused, Orthophobics have been known to search and seek out potential victims with a livid and single-minded ferocity, until they have devoured their mental faculties, and will to resist, with their dangerous and psychosis-inducing drugs of choice.

Often accompanied by uniformed goons claiming to be “law enforcement,” and bedding down with equally megalomaniacal legislators and judges, Orthophobics have been known to spout slanders and generate reams of libel against the characters or their intended victims, initiating court orders to enforce their scurrilous and heinous attacks against victims, that are often entirely innocent of any injurious or dangerous motives, actions or conduct.

Orthophobics seek out their victims by referral from medical maniacs called “doctors,” who apparently can see nothing unusual, wrong or perverse in their activities or behavior.

Those doctors who dare oppose an Orthophobic, soon find themselves on the wrong end of their penchant for vilification, mud-slinging, and perhaps even their dangerously toxic needles.

Sites of possible exposure to Orthophobia include medical universities of the psychiatric variety, where professors and academics have been known to infect and pass along this virulent mental contagion and contamination to young students, and psychiatric hospitals and clinics where interns are infected by staff psychiatrists and their nurses.

No known exposures have failed to result in acute cases of Orthophobia, sooner or later, at least among those who seek employment in the field of psychiatry.

If they display some form of credentialed diploma or other outward attestation of competency in psychiatry, it is safe to assume they are infected and dangerous.

Most “civilized” people, of course, seek out the apparently “comforting,” but mind and health-numbing, deleterious diet promulgated by Orthophobics, and are thus immune to immediate attack from that quarter (albeit being thus subject to the vagaries and vicissitudes, debilities and diseases of their misinformed dietary choices).

Labeled “normal” by Orthophobics, these “normals” threaten to subvert your freedom of choice and well-being, by virtue of their misanthropic votes on all legislation even touching on the subject of medicine and its alleged prerogatives.

Similar to judges and juries — abysmally ignorant of the issues and facts involved, bowing and kowtowing to medical manias of every size, shape and description — in passing judgments against the victims of miscreant medical malpractice, “normals” unitedly oppose their own well-being, and your Creator-granted rights to freedom of choice in matters of health, well-being, and against assault by deadly weapons (such as needles and their poisonous contents).

If you dare speak out against this insanity, you risk being targeting by one or more Orthophobics as their next victim of choice, for those suffering from this affliction see any opposition to their alleged power and grasp as “dangerously deluded,” and in need of their “services.”

Let the healthy and cautious beware!

P.S. In case you’re prone to dismiss all the above as some sort of paranoid delusion, the author had the experience of spending over a month in an abusive psychiatric facility — including attempts to medicate with psychotropic drugs — for the mistake of telling the nurse of a deranged doctor the fact that he had personally delivered all eight of his children at home; and only the intervention of a social worker (who actually called his wife to confirm all he said), finally succeeded in getting him released from that insane place, and away from the abusive, dangerous, delusional psychiatric “professionals” inhabiting it.

Source by Hank Scott

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