Sustainable Trade Show Exhibits: How To Go Green Without Breaking The Bank

There’s no denying that going green with your trade show display is
the trendy and environmentally responsible thing to do in today’s
business climate. But can your company’s budget handle the strain of
building a sustainable booth? The answer is yes! There is a common
misconception that green exhibiting is too costly and difficult to
achieve. However, there are a number of ways to create a more
environmentally-conscious trade show booth without exceeding your
budget. In fact, many green exhibiting practices can actually save you
money! Your efforts to go green can be as extensive or minimal as you
see fit. After all, even a few slight adjustments to your display can
make a huge impact on the environment.

Cut Back On Shipping To Reduce Carbon Emissions

of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to practice environmental
sustainability is to cut back on shipping when it comes time to
transport your materials to the venue. Reducing the amount of items to
be shipped not only saves you money, but it also cuts back on resulting
carbon emissions. Choosing small, portable trade show displays is a
great way to reduce shipping costs because they are compact and can be
packed into a minimal number of boxes. You can even carry them along
with you if you’re driving to the venue!

It also helps to pack
lightly in general when preparing for a show. While you may think that
extra stapler and additional stack of brochures are crucial, all it
takes is a few extraneous items to cause your shipping costs, and carbon
emissions, to skyrocket! Be sure you’re packing only those items that
are truly needed for your exhibit. Finally, when building your next
booth, consider working with a company that partners with local
suppliers, thereby decreasing the distance the materials must travel.

Limit Paper Handouts And Brochures

recent advances in technology, paper handouts and brochures could soon
be on their way out! A majority of attendees will likely have access to
the Internet through a smartphone, laptop, iPad or other device. Rather
than spending the money on a large amount of paper materials, consider
going green and directing potential customers to your website and/or
social networking sites through other means. For example, display Quick
Response (QR) codes on your signage that directs individuals to your
website. Attendees can simply scan the QR code using their smartphone
and they will be instantly connected! You can still keep a small stash
of paper materials for those attendees who do not have the required

Reuse And Repurpose Existing Trade Show Booth Materials

possible, try to reuse or repurpose materials from your current trade
show booth before throwing it out and replacing it with another. Often,
all it takes is a few touchups and the life of your existing display can
be extended by years! If you need to replace your trade show exhibit
because your logo or brand message has changed, but it is still is great
shape, consider donating it to a school or non-profit organization.

Consider Sustainable Materials

the time does come to create a new trade show booth, there are many
high-quality sustainable materials on the market that are visually
appealing and environmentally friendly. Examples include wood, bamboo
and recycled metals, such as aluminum. You can also find a number of
green paint options, such as low VOC, recycled latex paint and organic
paint, for use with your trade show exhibit.

Skyline Houston can help you create an extraordinary sustainable trade show booth in Houston. If your company is looking for ways to go green in Houston, trade show exhibits designed using Skyline’s green exhibiting practices are the way to go! To learn more about sustainable trade show displays in Houston, visit their website!

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