Renewable Teak Plantations

By purchasing teak lumber from a renewable forest you will be benefiting yourself, the economy, and the environment. Not convinced? Continue reading to understand the many benefits of such a purchase.

How Teak Lumber Benefits YOU:

Teak wood has a unique and exotic beauty that makes it especially desirable and very highly sought-after. Once you cut into the teak lumber, you will discover a beautiful golden color with a very tight grain pattern that you won’t find with any other lumber. The stunning wood is often used in outdoor furniture, kitchen materials, wood flooring, and ship building.

Why ship building specifically? Because, in addition to its beauty, teak wood is extremely durable. It is resistant against rotting, making it an ideal wood to use on something that will come into contact with water, like ships. It is also resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds and intense heat or cold.

Teak lumber also produces a natural oil that repels insects! So, there is no need to worry about termites eating away the wood. Despite being tough against rotting and insects, it is a fairly pliable lumber, which makes it relatively easy to work with.

How Teak Lumber Benefits the ECONOMY:

Because the renewable teak forests are located on reclaimed ranch lands throughout Mexico and Central America, the plantations are creating a lot of jobs for typically low-income workers. While working on the sustainable plantations, these workers are provided fair wages. Purchasing sustainable teak is stimulating the agricultural economy of these areas.

How Teak Lumber Benefits the ENVIRONMENT:

Once consumers realized all the incredible characteristics that teak lumber has to offer, the demand began to surpass the supply in the teak forests of Southeast Asia (where teak originates). As the teak forests began rapidly depleting, there was a dramatic increase in the price of the rare commodity.

The answer to this problem of deforestation and rising teak costs is slow-growth plantation teak forests. Sustainable teak plantations, found largely in Mexico and Central America, use similar soil and temperature conditions to those seen in Southeast Asia forests. Because they recreate the conditions of its natural habitat, there is no need for any fertilizers or irrigation, and the quality of the teak remains constant. Purchasing teak from a sustainable plantation will not only be less expensive, but it will be more environmentally-friendly and will have all the same benefits of the old-growth teak from Asia. Renewable wood stores carbon, which means the renewable forests will capture many of the harmful CO2 emissions in the environment, making it a cleaner place to live.

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