MLM Fact Or Fiction? 20+ Free Leads Daily From Facebook

Is this you? You saw an e-mail or an internet post describing how you can generate free leads through Facebook. So you downloaded the e-book or listened to the webinar, and then immediately began trying to apply what you digested.

So you’ve opened a Facebook account and set up your profile…nothing fancy, just a few blurbs about some of the things you may like to do in your spare time. You didn’t take a lot of time to really think about what you’re going to convey through your profile…after all, this is just a means to an end, right? This is just a way to find more people to show your business opportunity to. This is just a tool for you to GET more leads so you can GET more affiliate commissions so you can GET more sign-ups into your MLM opportunity so you can GET more bonus checks…right? That’s what “so-and-so overnight internet marketing guru” said on his packed webinar! (Not!)

So why the heck isn’t this working? I followed all the steps Mr. Guru outlined. I added 50 friends a day. I created a group and invited them all to join. I blasted them with my marketing e-mail messages. Where are my 20+ leads a day from Facebook?

My friend, let me tell you. This is NOT a scam. The leads are out there. They are just avoiding you because your approach has been all twisted. Your tactics do not invite people to connect with you; on the contrary, you wreak of the latest fragrance from MLM Buster Company – it’s called “Salesperson.” And just like those pesky perfumers in the mall, everyone’s avoiding you because they see you coming with that bottle in your hand. You, my friend, have forgotten the one key point that will boost an internet marketer’s success and is the foundation of the attraction marketing philosophy: you must connect with people!

Here are a few of the behaviors I had to correct in myself and my down line team before we started generating leads from Facebook:

    1. Be a person, not a “salesperson.”

A person is looking for friendship and a networking opportunity. A salesperson is looking for clients. A person takes the time to connect with individuals based on common interests. (Ex. Hi Doug. I see that you’re from Hartford and you mentioned what a huge UCONN fan you are. Have you ever visited the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield?) A salesperson doesn’t take the time to connect, preferring instead to send spammy messages about the latest killer biz op.

    2. Fill out the profile (I mean really fill it out!)

It’s one thing to list “The Matrix” as one of your favorite films. It’s a whole other thing to talk about what exactly you liked about the film. What’s your favorite line from the movie, and why does it resonate with you? What’s your favorite scene? What character did you go as last Hallowe’en? Don’t be afraid to be a total fan boy (or girl), as this let’s the reader in on just how passionate you are about whatever it is you like. Shared passion creates connections.

    3. Give, give, give value!

We hear about this all the time in network marketing. And yet so many of us focus on what we stand to GET from our relationships rather than what we can extend to others. People will sense you coming from a mile away, so give them positive feelings to tune into rather than vibes that make them want to squeeze their wallets tighter.

    4. Take a moment to respond to personal messages and comments on your wall.

People that write on your wall or send you messages are casting their line for appreciation. Appreciate them and I guarantee they’ll return the favor.

Marketing is about showing people that you can help solve their problems, but you can’t be of much help to someone that you know NOTHING about. MLM’s top internet marketing producers understand this and are using this knowledge to profit with social network marketing strategies. Don’t reinvent the wheel – do as they do. And as always, don’t just take my word for it. Take it for checking.

Source by Kafi Tamu Burris

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