98 Percent Fail Rate, Who Would Do This?

Why 98 percent of you WILL fail at this

Starting new things is exciting! The first time you started a new sport, the first time you went on a date, to the first time you drove a car! Starting something new is exciting! I have followed and participated in Internet marketing for a couple of years now, and though I am not rich, I like to believe I am somewhat successful. This is not to say that I have quit my full-time job, or to say that I am making a full-time living, but I do make some money. I am in profit most months, and unlike all the other people who tell you they made thousands in minutes I won’t tell you that.

People like you fail in this business venture for one reason and ONE reason only. You don’t research what you are about to dive into, and you don’t look for evidence of success. I work full-time in the medical field and every time I am told to make a change in the way I treat a patient it is evidence based. Evidence is the proof of results through study.

So many of you get onto Google and search out “how to make money online.” You read the top ten sites that come up, and you pick one, spend your money, and then find out that you didn’t make instant money. This is not surprising to me anymore, and here is why. There is no ONE business that is going to make you money, and there is NO one button system that is going to make you money. There is no money-making miracle on the internet. The hard truth is, is the only person who is going to make YOU money on the internet, is YOU!

Read that last sentence and again, let it empower you! The key to online success is evidence. Find the people who are making money online, and get into their business. No not their MLM business, I mean;

  • Find out WHAT they know.
  • Find out WHO they look up to.
  • Find out WHAT they do.
  • Find out WHEN they do it.
  • Find out WHERE they market, and finally
  • Find out WHY they do it that way.

The real answer to success online is duplication. There are almost 2 billion people online, if you can make a dollar from even a fraction of them, you are set for life. Two percent of the marketers out there have figured it out, and it is your turn to join the fold. When you are researching, look for real evidence. It is out there. As hard as Google tries, a lot of garbage still gets onto page one, and that is a battle that will always be.

Earning money online is a noble undertaking. Before you become frustrated, and start jumping from business to business, know this. It is not the business that makes the money. It is the people within that business. Any MLM business or blog business can make money, it is learning how to set your self apart, and learning a system that works.

Source by Paul Harvie

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