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Most businesses have their own online presence these days.  Their web site is generally used to promote their products and services.  Some use their site to carry out the entire business transaction.  No matter what they are using the site for it is in their best interest to promote and popularize it. 

Only after people know that your business exists can they choose to purchase your product or service.  There are multiple ways that you can build web site traffic successfully.  Some are simple enough that the web site owner can do it themselves.  If they choose to hire a professional they will have an even higher chance for success.

The web site should contain informative content and be organized in a user friendly fashion. It should also load quickly and be free of confusing options that could make the site harder to navigate.  A site that does these things should have no trouble in keeping the visitor once they find it.  You will always be fighting the ever short attention span of web surfers.  If they find your site helpful they will revisit and maybe even mention it to their friends, giving you a little free word of mouth advertising.  The appearance of your site is very important.

Search engine traffic is heavily pursued by website owners because it directly affects the number of views they will receive to the site.  Your site must be keyword dense if you want the search engines to pick up your site.  Keywords are how people search for the product or service they need.  With the right keyword placement you should be able to build web site traffic.

If your site has the keyword or keyword phrase that was searched it will pop up on the results page.  Another method that will improve your search engine ranking is link exchanging.  Link exchange is simple, you post another sites URL on your site and in return they do the same for you.  Now you have a good chance that they will visit your site after visiting the site your link is posted on.  Having these links will also boost your search engine ranking because the search engines take into account the number of inbound links a site has when assigning ranking to a website.  If you choose the correct sites that are popular and relevant to your niche your search engine ranking will go up automatically. 

There are other methods such as writing articles on your niche and then having a link to your site in the resource box.  Publishing these articles on popular sites, posting comments that are content rich in popular blogs having to do with your product or service, creating your own blog, and social marketing are useful as well.  You can even promote your site by posting videos on your site and other sites like YouTube.  If you use these various methods and are consistent with them you should have huge amounts of traffic in no time.

Source by Garrett Laidler

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