How 4 Senses Affect Driving?

As a volunteer driver safety instructor, I have pondered ways, to best address, the relationship between our overall health, and how safely, we drive a car. Especially, as we age, a variety of our senses and skills, change, and, those, who recognize and realize this, and prepare properly, to adjust, accordingly, generally, have the best chance, of being a safer, smarter driver! Four of our senses, are specifically, significant, especially, our sense of sight, hearing, smelling, and touch, change, over – time, and, thus, planning accordingly, makes a lot of sense. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, how these 4 senses, might affect our driving, and skills.

1. Eyesight: It should be obvious, it is nearly impossible to drive safely, if one’s eyesight is impaired, and/ or, limited! Beware, however, simply because this changes, does not mean, you can’t drive safely. The key is, to regularly, visit a licensed, eye professional (physician, optometrist, and/ or, ophthalmologist), and, have your prescription reviewed (eyesight, etc), as well as screened, for a variety of diseases, and/ or, ailments of the eye, to evaluate for conditions, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal issues, etc. In many cases, corrected lenses, might be all that’s needed, but, for other issues, it might require significantly more attention!

2. Hearing: How does one’s hearing, affect his ability to safely drive an automobile? Consider, how important, it might be, to be able to hear, sounds, such as children’s voices, motorcycle noise, horns, etc? There are a variety of potential hearing issues, some of which, may be simply, addressed with professionally fitted, hearing aids, while others, may be more serious. It is wise to regularly have one’s sense of sound perception/ hearing, evaluated by health professionals, such as physicians, audiologists, Otorhinolaryngologists (a.k.a. ENT), etc.

3. Smell/ odors: Our sense of smell is important, in order to detect, early, certain potential mechanical issues, etc, regarding our car. Perhaps, there’s a gas leak, or some improper smell, which enters a car, and may be creating an unhealthy situation.

4. Touch: You may wonder, why the sense of touch/ feeling, is significant, and related to driving effectively, and safely! Sometimes, when one has greater sensitivity, especially, related to vibrations, or some irregularity, which one’s tactile sense, relates directly to. This may be an early warning device, for recognizing issues, related to alignment, steering, etc.

The more one knows, and pays attention to, the safer, he will be able to handle his car. Will you devote yourself to becoming a safer, smarter driver?

Source by Richard Brody

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