Has Sugar Become Just "Shiny Object Syndrome"?

A recent article caught my attention – it was on the trend of Americans to cut down on their sugar intake.

The author wondered if they’d be able to do it. He examined a few facts on diet and weight in the U.S.

That sugar trend matches my experience with potential clients, who lately also want to quit sugar.

But I’ve been seeing two other things, as well.

Thing 1

I’ve been getting – and working with – clients who don’t want to follow my nutrition instructions.

Instead, they simply want to “feed” my plan into the plan they’ve been following – the plan from their chiropractor, their dentist, their massage therapist, their optometrist, their naturopath. Whoever.

You know, the plan that hasn’t been working – which is why they came to me in the first place.

Thing 2

I’ve been talking to prospects who don’t want to spend any money on my services because they’ve spent so much money on other practitioners – nutritionists, dietitians, online gurus, chiropractors, naturopaths. Whoever.

Again, the plans haven’t been working – which is why they came to me in the first place.

The most recent example happened just a few days ago. The woman wanted to know if I “had anything new.”

And Then It Hit Me – It’s SOS

As a pioneer in the field of sugar addiction, I’m getting no credit for knowing anything about how to help people quit sugar. Instead, I’ve been lumped in with a phenomenon that’s familiar to entrepreneurs and online marketers everywhere – Shiny Object Syndrome.

One author described SOS as the “entrepreneurial equivalent of a small child chasing shiny objects” that catch the light – and their attention. Once they get close enough to the object to see what it is, they lose interest and start chasing the next shiny thing.

Does this description really fit what’s happening to me?

Shiny Objects for entrepreneurs may be marketing strategies, marketing programs, or other business ventures.

Symptoms may include the inability to finish a project, switching strategies before the first is complete, and/or spending huge sums of money from switching services, platforms, and so on.

And How’s That Working For You?

Another author called SOS “one of the biggest contributors to failure in business.”

I wonder if it’s the very same thing for sugar addicts trying to quit – or people with resistant health issues trying to reduce sugar to help fix their health.

For potential nutrition clients, could the latest fad help them quit sugar – maybe the one that promises they can still eat agave, coconut sugar, dried fruit, and other sugars? I’m guessing that might attract them, but ultimately will not work for them.

I know this crazy pattern is not working for me. My “Thing 1” clients get better results when they follow my plan than when they try to force my plan into or onto someone else’s.

I also get fewer clients because “Thing 2” prospects don’t want to hire me. They’ve already spent a lot of money chasing Shiny Sugar plans. Instead, they just want my free advice on the phone – apparently so they can tell me it won’t work. Or that they’ve done it and it didn’t work. Or that it’s not new – and Shiny.

What can I say? I’m not in a race to the bottom. I’m here to help clients conquer sugar addiction, improve their moods, and transform their health. I love what I do and am dedicated to it – and I do it well. Helping clients is a huge reward in itself.

Source by Joan Kent

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