How to Improve Eyesight – How to Throw Your Glasses Away Forever

It’s unfortunate that people today are looking at more invasive measures to improve eyesight. Not only are they risky but also highly expensive with no guarantee that your vision will be restored permanently. If you are contemplating surgery or simply want to learn how to improve eyesight naturally then this article is for you.

Our eyes are like any muscle in the body but it’s very easy to forget that when reaching for your glasses or contact lenses. If you are anything like me the first things I used to do is reach for my glasses before I was out of bed. Having them permanently glued to me lead me to contact lenses which only created more problems and health issues such as severe irritation, redness and lack of oxygen to my eyes.

When you understand that your eyes are like any other muscle in your body you can safely assume that you can not only strengthen them but restore your vision in the process.

Our daily lives wreak havoc on the health of our eyes and it’s the number one cause for many of vision problems that have become prevalent in modern society. Due to the prolonged use on computers and long hours in front of the television our eyes are becoming increasingly lazy.

The first thing people do is run to the optometrist only to be told that they require corrective lenses. This is not the only choice. There is a good reason why they don’t want you to know how to improve eyesight without shelling our a fortune in stylish glasses and contacts. They make a very healthy living selling you a “patch up” for your symptoms.

The prolonged use of corrective lenses simply makes your eyes lazier, the last thing you want when wanting to know how to improve eyesight permanently! This is why more often then not you will be told it’s time for stronger lenses next time your in for your regular eye test. Glasses do not rebuild your vision, they simply allow you to get by.

One of the best ways to improve your eyesight is to begin to allow your eyes to relax. One popular technique that works wonders is Palming. Palming is where you warm up your hands and cover your eyes for several minutes every day. Do not allow any light to come throw your hands as your eyes are covered. If you are finding it difficult simply imagine a happy memory. Repeat this every day.

Another way to improve your eyesight is to take regular breaks, every hour or so off your computer, away from the television to allow your eyes to relax and readjust. Our eyes are not made to look at a fixed point for an extended period of time such as focusing on a computer monitor. Let your eyes zip around and look around you as they are naturally suppose to do. You can also begin to try and focus on things in the distance that your cant see without your glasses without straining forcing your eyes to become stronger and reduce laziness.

There are countless specialists that provide an alternative solution to learn how to improve eyesight naturally and throw away your glasses forever. One of the pioneers in this movement was Dr William H. Bates. In 1880, Dr Bates conducted a series of tests on thousands of patients using techniques to not only improve eyesight but in many cases restore 20/20 vision. This lead him to be shunned by his peers at the time by going against the status quo.

The Bates Method has been used in many classrooms world wide teaching students how to keep their vision in great shape by performing these techniques daily. Almost all common vision problems such as being short sighted or far sighted can be cured overtime using these techniques.

Unfortunately the health industry today is more concerned about profits instead of health. With billions being spent every year on vision correction options it’s no wonder that your local optometrist would rather you never try these techniques on how to improve eyesight permanently without their help!

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