Do Children Need Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are primarily worn and required by the over 40 population who are experiencing vision changes due to aging, and many individuals are unclear whether children require them too. There are some circumstances where readers may be appropriate for children, for example, those that are suffering from Myopia. This eye condition is present in about 25% of adults and a large percentage of them would have begun exhibiting signs during their childhood. Here are some circumstances where readers can help children with early symptoms of myopia.

1. Reduction of eye strain – reading glasses can remove some strain from the eye when children are reading books or other materials that are relatively close to their face.

2. Slow the progression of the condition – if eye strain is minimized, many optometrists believe that readers can slow the progression of myopia.

3. Full-time eye glasses won’t work – since myopia is linked to up close focus upon materials, full-time glasses will not have any bearing upon the develop, unless there are other vision issues present, they don’t do a thing!

In addition to use of reading glasses, parents can also consider bifocals for their children which will have the same effect upon myopia.

All parents want the best for their children, so understanding what they can do to improve their vision and eye health is essential especially when the solution in this case is simple and cost-effective! An optometrist can be consulted for more information about whether reading glasses should be considered if myopia is present!

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