How to Deal With Old Prescription Glasses

Sometimes we may find an old pair of prescription glasses accidentally. But we don’t know what prescription it has. Maybe the prescription is off and it can not meet our eye requirement now. So how can we get the prescription of old glasses? And if the prescription is tested lower for our eyes, can this pair be useful for us? The following will give some introduction on how to get the prescription of old glasses and how to deal with them in order to give people more ideas on it.

One day, we may find an old pair of glasses which you loved very much before, but we have no idea if the prescription is off. Then the first thing we should do is to get the prescription of the old pair. We can visit our local optometrist’s dispensary. There are technicians and proper tools to test the prescription. After the testing, they will tell you if the prescription is suitable for you now. If the prescription is too low for our eyesight, they will advise us to change for lenses with new prescriptions into the old frames. In this way, we can not only save some money, but also can make the old pair we loved useful.

With regard to the new prescription glasses, we should bear in mind the following points. The time requirement for different dispensaries will be different. For some dispensaries, they require the prescription less than a year, while others need the prescription within two years. Therefore, the time requirement of prescription depends on the state you are in and the doctor you are deal with. Moreover, for children, the cases will also be different. As children’s eyes are progressing quickly, they are required to offer prescription within a year, but for adults, prescriptions within two years maybe effective. Therefore, we must make sure our prescription is current and complies with the requirement of the dispensaries. Never use a wrong description, which will cause some troubles to our eyes, such as headaches, eye strain and so on.

From the above introduction, we can see it is easy to deal with these old glasses that we loved before. We can go to dispensaries to check their prescription. And if we still want to use them but the prescription is off, we can ask the technician to change lenses with current prescription to the old frames. But please make sure the prescription must be current and effective from our optometrist.

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