11 Most FAQs About Health Insurance Ohio and the Health Care Reform

Health insurance Ohio has been changing drastically in the last
couple years, and is going to continue to change until 2014, when most
of the changes will be put into full effect.  Many people have a lot of
questions and concerns about the upcoming changes so I would like to
help you understand what changes are coming and how you can be an
informed individual when buying health insurance.

1. “Now that health care reform has passed, am I automatically covered?”
No, unfortunately it is not that easy. You are not automatically signed
up for health insurance. You need to either contact an insurance broker
to help you find an affordable plan, or once the health exchange
program comes out through the government, you will be able to purchase
your plan through their website.

2. “Am I required to have health insurance?” Once the health care reform
is put into full effect in 2014 you will be required to have health
insurance, whether it is a plan through your work, an individual plan
that you purchased, or Medicaid assistance through the government.

3. “If I do not buy health insurance Ohio by 2014, will I go to jail?”
Thankfully, no comments have been made that anyone will go to jail if
they do not have health insurance by 2014. If you do not purchase health
insurance by then though, you will be forced to pay a penalty through
your taxes.

4. “I’ve been denied insurance because I have a pre-existing condition.
Can I get coverage now?” Great news, if you have been denied coverage
before, in 2014 you will no longer be able to be denied coverage because
of a pre-existing condition

5. “My neighbor’s insurance was cancelled because of a mistake on his
application. Can that happen to me?” It is unfortunate that this
situation had to happen to your neighbor. Since 2010 though, insurance
companies cannot take away your health insurance because of an error on
your application.

6. “My child has been denied coverage. Can I get her insured now?” Your
child was probably denied health insurance Ohio because of her health
condition, but you can now put her on a child only plan. Some insurance
companies actually have a small amount of time that they accept all
child-only applications and will not deny any child.

7. “Can I sign up for free health insurance?” In a perfect world free
health insurance would be an option, but, unfortunately in this world,
there is no such thing. If you are having trouble paying your premium
you can sign up for Medicaid. If you are accepted for Medicaid the
government will help you pay for insurance. The government will not be
able to ever cover the your entire premium though.

8. “I like the health insurance I have now. Can I just keep it?”  In
most cases, yes, you should be able to keep the health insurance you
have. You will be notified if the insurance company you have changes
your plan and the premium is going to be higher.

9. “Is Health Insurance Cheaper now?” There is no guarantee that health
insurance is cheaper. Unfortunately we will probably see it rise before
it goes down. You can be certain though that your money is being put to
good use, because insurance companies are now being forced to spend
80-85% of your premium “on medical care and heath care quality

10. “My current policy has a lifetime limit on the amount it pays. Will
insurers be able to keep imposing those limits?” Although it may be a
little different if you are on a group plan, all individual plans for
health insurance Ohio “cannot include a lifetime limit on insurance
coverage for essential health services”.

11. “My kid just graduated college and does not have insurance can I get
him back on my policy?” As long as your child is under the age of 26
then yes you will be able to put him back on your policy. The exception
though is if he gets a job that offers him health insurance. If he works
for a company that offers him health insurance Ohio he will not be able to go back on your plan.

Take the time to look over the changes in health care reform. By doing
so, you and your family will be ready for the changes to come. Continue
to research the topic if you still have questions, so that you can be
sure to get the most affordable health insurance Ohio available.

Tracy McManamon offers free quotes for all types of health insurance Ohio plans. As a licensed health insurance consultant, he helps clients understand complex insurance terms and help them apply for a health insurance Ohio plan that is affordable and best suited for their needs.

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