Crazy Stop Smoking Tips – Try Them If You Dare!

You know that smoking is bad for your health. You know that it will kill you. You are desperate to stop, but you can’t! If you are wondering how you can stop smoking forever, read this article if you dare to try these methods! They have not been discussed before, but I have found them to be very effective!

1. The smoking method. This sounds crazy, but it works for me! Find a room and close all the windows and the door. Then lit a few cigarettes and leave them to burn. This will create a smoky atmosphere that will have you coughing and tearing. You will find yourself having difficulties in breathing! This is a good analogy of how your lungs are feeling deep inside you; they can’t breathe properly! All the tearing will also leave you wondering why you are smoking away your life in the first place!

2. The chain smoking. All the name suggests, smoke a few cigarettes consecutively, without stopping. Once you are done with the first stick, go on to the second, then third, etc. You will feel so terrible after the third stick (or more) that you would want to quit smoking immediately! The idea behind this is to create a horrible taste in your mouth that you feel that that would be the last stick in your mouth!

3. The digging method. After you are done with step 2, its time for the killer move. This might sound gross, but it should also work for you. After you are done with the chain smoking, here is the next thing you should do: put your finger into your throat and start to wriggle around, as if you are looking for something that is trapped in your throat. This action is sure to make you puke! IMPORTANT POINT TO TAKE NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE UNSURE! This method is supposed to make you feel worse and create a psychological effect that smoking is horrible and that you should quit now!

The 3 steps that I have suggested works perfectly well for me, and I have not touched a cigarette ever since.

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